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Many times in our culture we hear negative stories about pregnancy, birth, baby care, and early motherhood because of various social norms during the 20th century. Thankfully we live in a time when women are taking back power over their bodies, births, and babies and really owning their experiences. Whatever your past and wherever you are in your journey now, I offer support as you write your story–before, during, and after birth or adoption.


Literally, a doula is a female servant. In our modern context, a doula is still a woman who serves; she is a person who supports a laboring or postpartum woman through the childbirth and postpartum experiences. Some people find there are doulas already built in to their lives; their mothers, sisters, or best friends are their natural support people, so they do not find they need a professional doula. In our very mobile society, however, you may no longer live near family, or you may be new to the area. In these cases and many others, working with a professional doula might be very helpful for you.

If we were to work together, you can expect one or two prenatal visits, during which I will work with you to create a list of birth preferences, practice labor positions and comfort techniques, and discuss any concerns you may have about labor. When you are in labor, I will support you in multiple ways, including massage, breathing, and movement. I do not make medical decisions for you or speak on your behalf with the medical staff. Instead, I help you become more empowered during our prenatal visits to make decisions if/when they need to be made during the birth. During the postpartum period, I support you through one to two postpartum visits, during which we will talk about your birth experience and anything you want to discuss. During all three of these phases of our relationship, I will be available by phone or e-mail any time.


sarahFor a few years I have been researching all things birth- and postpartum-related. When I realized how differently my own birth experiences could have gone with the support of a doula, I knew the next stage of my life would involve offering such support to others. Along the same lines, after years of being in-person as well as long-distance prenatal and postpartum support to friends and family, I knew it would be an integral piece of my practice to include lactation support as well.


Located in Los Angeles, I serve the entire area personally or through referral.  I welcome last-minute clients, so it’s never too late to contact me about a consultation.

I offer a birth package, which includes support during all of the following:

1-2 prenatal visits
the birth, from the onset of labor through 1-2 hours after delivery, including lactation support
1-2 postpartum visits

…as well as e-mail and phone access during the three phases of our relationship (prenatal, birth, postpartum).

I offer postpartum packages, tailored to your specifications and needs. I can help with breastfeeding, sleep, and other newborn care, for as long as support is needed.

Please contact me for a free consultation!

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